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More Than Just a Cabinet Company

In 1960, James A. Haponski (Jim), who had previously been doing woodwork out of his father's garage, rented a small metal building on South Hopper Street and started Jimco. They built custom cabinets for hotels, banks, and restaurants across the South East. In 1964, Jim built a shop just a block down and Jimco Inc. has remained in the same building ever since. His son, James M. Haponski (Mike), who grew up in the cabinet industry, began working for Jimco full-time in 1970. By then, Jimco had built custom cabinets for almost every local bank in Montgomery. In 1989, James A. Haponski (Jim) passed away, leaving his son Mike to run the company. Mike began purchasing new machinery that made it more efficient to create custom cabinets and casework. In 2005 Jason Hamm began working for Jimco, Inc. He started taking on larger and more elaborate millwork projects and shipping casework overseas. Jason became co-owner in 2016. Today, Jimco inc. continues to grow, and has the technology to create custom millwork, casework, and cabinetry for businesses across the globe.

Meet the Team

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